Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cooper 2008 summer Residency, NYC

The Cooper 2008 summer residency in Manhattan assists emerging artists with, among other things, introduction to local galleries. Artists spend 3-4 weeks of extensive work preparing for their exhibition, their shot at being discovered. For me, it presented a great opportunity to be a witness to new ideas and processes, coming from fresh, creative minds.

Marcos Chin (Brooklyn, NY)

Alexa Williams

Michal Gavish (SF, CA)

Johnathan Peck (Brooklyn, NY)

Concha Vidal (Barcelona, Spain)

Ujin Lee (NY, NY)

Lee's reversed process starts on a sheet of acetate with matte medium, using pencil or acrylic paint. Then another sheet of matte medium is applied, and the process repeats itself. Once the process is completed, the layers are peeled off the work surface and flipped over - so the viewers experience the work from the acetate side - the first layer.

You can see more of Ujin's work on her website, at

Amy Wright (Houston, TX)

Christina Goodwin (Boston, MA)

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