Monday, August 18, 2008

Leonardo Drew - from found objects to city scapes

Small and large pieces of wood take up almost every piece of space in Leonardo's large studio in Brooklyn. From 2 by 4's to tree stumps and unidentified objects meshed together - they will all end up on the wall as part of his next large scale art installation.

Laying down the objects neatly on black, numbered squares, Leonardo towers over the pieces like a city planner over his model, eye-balling each object carefully before he lays it down next to similar or different ones on the black square.

"My neighborhood is a God send when it comes to found objects", he says. "Almost every step I take I see an item I must incorporate in my piece. I typically wear gloves as I go through the 'stuff' out there, but once I bring it into the studio I take off the gloves. The 'stuff' becomes mine, I feel 'connected' to it - I feel the need to work with it directly, no barriers".

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