Friday, September 12, 2008

Rebecca Schweiger

In a small Manhattan apartment, Rebecca Schweiger is painting sometimes on six different canvases at a time. One canvas is seldom enough to capture the emotions and feelings she is out to expose. Some emotions can't share the same canvas - so they find their expressions on multiple ones. Others may belong on a specific canvas because they were part of a specific time or event in her life; she may return to that older canvas later to add or enhance the expressions, or give it a different perspective. At any given time, there may be 5 or 6 very different canvases against her walls, like snapshots of different moods. Some overlap, some remain unique.

Rebecca's process reflects that of her soul searching. Starting with a blank canvas, she soaks it in washed down acrylic paint, creating a very delicate coating, almost subliminal, ready for the more agressive search - and substances to follow. She drips ink on the wet canvas, letting it smear and expand, almost without control. When the canvas is dry, she applies additional layers, in different mediums, from Sharpie marker to oil. The canvas becomes her mirror, and as quickly as she is able to peel off a mental layer through her inner search, she is adding that layer to her work.

You can see more of Rebecca's work on her website, at:

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